The Student Ministry at The Church at Harpeth Heights is passionate about helping your student embrace the life God has for them as they believe, belong, and become who He wants them to be.

groups | 9:15 AM

Students gather together for a time of student and student leader led praise and devotion. Afterward, they will go to LIFE Groups to dive deeper into the devotion that was discussed.

special events

We believe that genuine friendship and fellowship impacts the heart of ministry. We aspire to have special events where friendships are molded, and fellowship creates harmony. Because of our love for Jesus, we will provide nights for community engagement so that healthy relationships are formed and wandering students come to know our Jesus.

catalyst events

We will have events that are with the other student ministries that are with our family of churches. These events most of the time will include retreats, camps, and mission journeys.

community conversations

We desire to provide a safe space for honest questions and transformative conversation. In Mark 9, Scripture says that the disciples were afraid to ask Jesus what he meant by his death and resurrection.  We want to affirm students and student leaders that this is a space that the Holy Spirit is continuing to conform us into the image of Jesus. It is not only healthy to ask questions; it is a display of faithfulness. Because of this, the beginning of every month will be a Community Conversation where we will have a panel of people speaking into the sermon topic of the month. Students and student leaders will be given the opportunity to ask questions to the panel.


We want to cultivate a space of holy and rightly oriented worship where our students and student leaders see that they are one and enjoy the presence of God. Hebrews 12 and 13 speak to serving God acceptably, with reverence and awe, as well as continuing to love each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. This worship is what pleases the Lord. Because of this, the end of every month will be a SOMA night where we attempt to worship the Lord as one student body and remember that it is because of the body of Jesus being broken for us that we are able to love one another like him – being broken open in love and compassion for each other.